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BERTANS BURIES THE HATCHET WITH FOURNIER "If I had another year of guaranteed $19 million, I would've been playing in Orlando"


A week before the start of the NBA bubble, Dāvis Bertāns announced he won't be joining the Washington Wizards for their eight-game postseason quest. The organization itself was fine with his decision, however, Dāvis did receive some backlash for skipping Orlando.

Fournier followed it up with another tweet, saying that 'If you think it's ok to sit and watch your teammates play while you re perfectly healthy its says a lot about you.' The one-sided Twitter beef ended there, as Dāvis didn't publicly voice his opinion on Fournier's comments.

Well, two months later, the Latvian Laser decided to give his take on the whole Fournier situation, burying the hatchet with a French shooting guard. The hatchet that, according to Bertāns, never existed in the first place.

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“I was just thinking to myself, you know, I didn't really say it out loud, but if I had another year of guaranteed $19 million, I would've also probably been playing in Orlando. Also, a team having a playoff opportunity - it's a completely different thing. You got to try to imagine being in somebody else's shoes in that situation.”

Dāvis Bertāns

Dāvis will enter the free agency this summer, after his career year with the Washington Wizards. He has cemented himself as one of the best shooters in the association and is widely expected to sign a lucrative deal during this off-season. Looking back on how the Wizards performed in Orlando, Bertāns' decision to stay home was a smart one.

It would've been a high risk-low reward type of outing, and Dāvis decided not to bet on it. Now he's healthy, getting back in shape, and is ready to continue where he left off during the 19/20 NBA campaign. The only question is whether it will be in Washington or somewhere else. We'll just have to wait and see.


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