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Ben Wallace's case for Charles Barkley being much better than Giannis Antetokounmpo


It’s humorous to know that Ben Wallace now spends his time comparing NBA greats on the platform primarily used for pretty girls dancing, otherwise known as TikTok. The four-time Defensive Player Of The Year, a guy who could rip watermelons apart with his hands, spends his retirement on Tiktok by the name of Chltwn32! Amongst the thoughts Big ben shares on the platform, this is how he compared Charles Barkley and Giannis Antetokounmpo. 

1. Scoring

Barkley’s Career Average: 22.1 PPG

Antetokounmpo’s Career Average: 21.4 PPG

Barkley’s Best 5 Year Span: ‘88-’92, 26 PPG

Antetokounmpo’s Best 5 Year Span: ‘18-’22, 28.6 PPG

Wallace’s Pick: Charles Barkley

2. Rebounding

Barkley’s Career Average: 22.1 PPG

Antetokounmpo’s Career Average: 21.4 PPG

Barkley’s Best 5 Year Span: ‘87-’91, 12.1 RPG

Antetokounmpo’s Best 5 Year Span: ‘18-’22, 11.7 RPG

Wallace’s Pick: Charles Barkley 

3. Playmaking 

Barkley’s Career Average: 3.9 APG

Antetokounmpo’s Career Average: 4.6 APG

Barkley’s Best 5 Year Span: ‘91-’95, 4.4 APG

Antetokounmpo’s Best 5 Year Span: ‘18-’22, 5.6 APG

Wallace’s Pick: Charles Barkley

4. Free throws

Barkley’s Career Average: 5.9 FT, 74 FT%

Antetokounmpo’s Career Average: 5.2 FT, 72%

Barkley’s Best 5 Year Span: ‘87-’91, 7.4 FT, 75 FT%

Antetokounmpo’s Best 5 Year Span: ‘18-’22, 6.7 FT, 71 FT%

Wallace’s Pick: Charles Barkley

5. Three-Point 

Barkley’s Career Average: 5.9 FT 74 FT%

Antetokounmpo’s Career Average: 5.2, FT 72%

Barkley’s Best 5 Year Span: ‘91-’95, 0.8 3P, 29 3P%

Antetokounmpo’s Best 5 Year Span: ‘18-’22, 0.9 3P, 29 3P%

Wallace’s Pick: Charles Barkley

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6. Perimeter Defense 

Wallace’s Pick: Giannis Antetokounmpo

7. Interior Defense 

Barkley’s Career Defensive Rating: 104.5

Antetokounmpo’s Career Defensive Rating: 103.9

Barkley Career Average: 1.5 SPG, 0.8 BPG

Antetokounmpo’s Career Average: 1.2 SPG, 1.3 BPG

Barkley: 0 DPOY 0x Defensive Team

Giannis: 1 DPOY 4X Defensive Team

Wallace’s Pick: Giannis Antetokounmpo

8. Efficiency 

Barkley’s Career Average: 56 FG%

Antetokounmpo’s Career Average: 55 FG%

Barkley’s Best 5 Year Span: ‘87-’91, 60 FG%

Antetokounmpo’s Best 5 Year Span: ‘18-’22, 58 FG%

Wallace’s Pick: Charles Barkley

9. Finishing

Barkley’s Career Average: 84 FG% at 0-3 Feet from Basket *was only recorded from ‘97-’00 

’s Career Average: 48 FG% at 0-3 Feet from Basket 

Wallace’s Tip: Charles Barkley

10. Dominance

Jack MacCallum on Barkley: “His astonishing range of abilities - outrebounding much taller players, running the floor like a guard and getting his shot off with either hand while bouncing off bodies around the basket - seem more pronounced when performed within the Dream Team galaxy” (Book Of Basketball, pg 517).

Matt Mueller on Antetokounmpo: “Giannis Antetokounmpo has proven to not only be the best player in his draft class, but possibly the best player in Milwaukee Bucks history and maybe the best player of his time. He's been a highlight machine with MVP-like numbers – and we still haven't seen the roof of his abilities yet.”

Wallace’s Pick: Charles Barkley

11. Playoffs

Barkley: 2 Conference Finals, 1 NBA Finals, 0 Championships

Antetokounmpo: 1 Conference Finals, 1 NBA Finals, 1 Championship

Wallace’s Pick: Charles Barkley

12. Accolades 

Barkley: 11x All-Star, 11x All-NBA, 1x MVP 1X All-Star MVP, 1x Rebounding Champ

Antetokounmpo: 5x All-Star, 5X All-NBA, 2x MVP, 1x All-Star MVP, 1x FMVP, 1X DPOY, 1x Most Improved

Wallace’s Tip: Giannis Antetokounmpo


When asked who's better, Wallace claimed that while “Giannis is on his way to being that dude, he ain't better than Charles yet.” Maybe he said that because they both refused to participate in NBA 2K out of protest for the company's inabilities to compensate past players. Hell, maybe Wallace just looked up to Barkley due to their similar height at the four. It can’t be old head syndrome because Wallace has made it clear he rides with LeBron as GOAT. But whatever the excuse, Giannis is unequivocally the better player. 

Most of that is because of his freakish body and because he actually takes care of it, unlike someone else. Greater is an unfair comparison due to Giannis’ time in the league, but he already might have won that battle too. It’s just too bad that Barkley went up against a guy named Michael Jordan. But still, at the young age of 27, I know which corner I reside in. Sorry, Ben. 

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