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Ben Simmons is thrilled to play with Kevin Durant


It has finally happened. After hearing about Ben Simmons trade rumors for months, we finally have a trade --Simmons is heading to Brooklyn, along with Seth Curry, Andre Drummond, and two first-round picks in exchange for James Harden and Paul Millsap.

Who won the trade?

The whole NBA world is buzzing about this news and with sound reasoning. The NBA landscape has changed dramatically, and there are plenty of teams that will contend for the championship.

The Sixers, who have been great this season led by an MVP frontrunner Joel Embiid, just got another superstar in James Harden, along with a valuable veteran asset in Paul Millsap. This move definitely puts them into the championship hunt, but the consensus feeling is that the Nets got the better deal.

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Getting Ben Simmons at his best would make the Nets a super-team. On a team with all these shooters, Ben will do what he does best: defend, push the pace, and drive the lane while guys like KD and Kyrie handle the scoring. Not to mention getting Curry and Drummond, who have been impressive this season, is sneakily great. When you factor in the two first-round picks that could be used for more moves, Brooklyn is walking away from this pretty happy.

Simmons is thrilled

The best part of this deal for Nets fans is the report that Ben Simmons is thrilled about the opportunity to play with Durant in Brooklyn:

Simmons has been dealing with mental health issues, but I have a feeling moving to Brooklyn will help him get right soon and step on the court. You can see a role in which Simmons will flourish if all the pieces fit together, and that might make the Nets a #1 favorite. If Kyrie's vaccination status gets resolved, this will be the team to beat.

We are marking March 10th on the calendar, with the Nets going into Philly to play the Sixers. By then, Durant should be healthy, Kyrie will be available because it's a road game, and Simmons will probably already be in the lineup. The boos and atmosphere in that arena will be deafening, and we hope all the stars come out to play for this spectacle.

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