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Baron Davis “We should be treating LeBron James with the same respect that we treat Obama”


Baron Davis played against LeBron James, but he has nothing but praises for his former nemesis. James enjoys a 15-6 record in all-time, including a 3-1 advantage in the postseason in their career head-to-head. However, despite the losses, Davis still puts James on a pedestal.

Davis credits LeBron’s career trajectory

After all his success, it’s so easy to say LeBron James had it easy from early on, but it was the complete opposite. From his challenging surroundings growing up to his mother doing everything so LeBron could pursue his passion without thinking other things, James had been a role model in the league when he was selected as first overall in 2003. 

Baron Davis, an All-Star himself, heaped praises on James for being in the spotlight for so long and basically having an impeccable record. Being labeled the next Michael Jordan at 18, with a mountain of expectations on his back from the moment he entered the league, LeBron is basically scandal-free. A lot of players with less on their shoulders couldn't handle the pressure.

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“He carved his own space. All he does is help kids. All he does is invest in companies. All he does is make movies, pave the way for entertainment. All he does is uplifting, speaking, doing his part, his role, and responsibility from he was 18 years old. He carried his own then he started carrying more, then he started carrying the league. What has he done wrong? Get athletes more money, speak up for athletes, support for athletes, female athletes. Give LeBron a holiday, you know what I mean? Or treat him like Obama. We should be treating LeBron James the same respect that we treat Obama.”

Baron Davis, ">No Chill with Gilbert Arenas

That’s a pretty high level of respect for a basketball player, comparing him to Obama, but what Davis is saying has some truth. James came to the league from nothing. He built his empire, his company, and his investments from nothing. The Lakers star was not involved in off-court dramas and controversies. He helped when he could and inspired others to do the same. James helped his fellow athletes get the platform, the recognition, and the compensation they deserve.

Baron Davis has been a longtime LeBron James fan

It’s not a secret that Baron has been a fan of James for a long time now. He included him in his top five players, alongside Kobe Bryant, Allen Iverson, Shaquille O’Neal, and Tim Duncan. It’s nice that a former player is still saying good things about James and how fans are not being appreciative of his career so far. When all is said and done, LeBron will go down as one of the best to play and one of the best to represent the sport. When that day comes, he should be given the respect he deserves. 


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