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Baron Davis on being called 'Fat Boy': 'I’m more like a Shaq fat'

Baron Davis has an interesting take on his weight gain issues
Baron Davis On Being Called 'Fat Boy': 'I’m more like a Shaq fat'

Rumor has it that Davis was paid $250K to intentionally put on excess weight to become fit for the role of a spokesperson for Jenny Craig

Some 15 to 20 years ago, Baron Davis was one of the most explosive and electrifying point guards NBA. He first made his mark with the Charlotte and New Orleans Hornets before becoming a pillar of the then-Golden State Warriors’ highly-touted “We Believe” squad.

However, along with Davis’ rise to prominence came his noticeable weight gain. In fact, after averaging 21.8 points in a perfect 82-game 2007-08 season, “B-Diddy” dropped to 14.9 the following year, which was also his maiden season with the Los Angeles Clippers.

Rumor has it that Davis was paid $250K to intentionally put on excess weight to become fit for the role of a spokesperson for Jenny Craig, an American weight loss and nutrition company founded by weight-loss guru Jenny Craig herself.

Whether it was true or not, the only thing certain was that Davis really gained massive weight in a short period of time. A fact-checked calorie deficit calculator suggests that Davis should only consume around 3,600 calories per day to maintain his already slightly above-average 210 pounds. However, the two-time NBA All-Star’s poor diet saw him reportedly ballooning to 260 pounds by 2010.

Fat but good

Despite denying the rumors claiming his weight gain was intentional, Davis’ excess weight soon took a toll on his NBA career. Everything went downhill spiral for Davis since he left Golden State, and a torn ACL finally put an end to it in 2012.

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After leaving the NBA, Davis found a new lease on life in various activities, including business ventures and a little bit of acting. In 2014, he teamed up with fellow former NBA star Steve Nash in the mini comedy documentary, “Is He Serious: Baron Davis "The Comeback" Featuring Steve Nash.”

In the video, “Boom Dizzle” attacked his weight-gain issues in a funny yet slightly serious way, stating that he’s fat, but he was more of “dominant fat” like Shaquille O’Neal.

“A lot of people call me fat boy,” Davis said. “I don’t think I’m Charles Barkley fat. I’m more like a Shaq fat. A dominant fat good.”

A herculean comeback

In June 2018, six years after his last NBA game, Davis made an epic basketball return and joined a premier professional 3-on-3 league, “Big3.” However, it only lasted a year as Davis was among the former NBA stars the Big3 deactivated in July 2019.

At present, Davis is recognized as one of the best players of his generation. Too bad his weight issues got the better of him, and we can only wish he had gone for healthier food options and a better lifestyle fitted for a professional athlete throughout his NBA career. 

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