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Barkley with a bold prediction on the Warriors

Charles Barkley vs Warriors

Seems it was ages ago when Charles Barkley said that the Warriors will never win a championship because jump-shot teams never win a championship. Barkley comes from a different generation when defenses were tougher in general, even more so in the playoffs and going to the rim, getting fouled and shooting free-throws was the only way to consistently score in the playoffs. A jump shot was complementary to this concept. To put it into perspective, Steve Kerr's highest averaged three-point attempts per game were at 2.9 (via Basketball Reference). A few nights ago Klay Thompson took 24.

Chuck has come a long way since then. On a recent Inside the NBA episode, the fellas were discussing the strength of the Warriors and Chuck made a bold statement: ”If they played hard and didn't turn the ball over they would lose less than five games easily. They get bored and they turn the ball over” That means Chuck sees the Warriors at 78-4, where the only variable is effort.

Scary thing is, this isn't a farfetched statement to make. As Kenny analyzed, they have so much firepower that two of the best one-on-one players in the game right now never get doubled because that would mean you are leaving Curry, Durant or Klay open. Not good.

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78-4 may be a bit too much as they learned their lesson in 2016, the Warriors will surely rest players and monitor minutes. The goal that is more likely they will chase is 16 - 0 in the playoffs. That would be an amazing accomplishment they could add to already ridiculous resumes.


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