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Are the Knicks tampering?


The rumors of KD's free agency will only intensify as July 1 comes closer. Even if the Warriors fo 16 - 0 in the playoffs, everyone will be talking about it through the prism of "what will KD decide?"

We know Durant will be annoyed that we are talking about his future, at the same time he will be annoyed we do not appreciate his importance to the game enough. Makes sense, right?

Well, some of the heat should be thrown the Knicks way. For all the reporting that may annoy him, it is not without the cause. Here is a photo that the Knicks used to contact season ticket holders about renewing their tickets for the next, '19/'20 season.

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This may be a smart marketing ploy; they may have no information about Kevin's intentions and are simply using all the rumors to get people to commit and buy the tickets. After people started commenting on it, the Knicks had a reaction that wouldn't lead to such a conclusion. They took the photo down. Lucky for us, another season ticket holder took a screenshot of the entire thing.


Then they commented from their official Twitter profile. Now, If you didn't want people commenting just don't use the photo. They have to be aware of the context and implication such a photo has.

NBA Reddit reacted with a "Now THATS how you tamper" Is this tampering? I have no idea. A lot of behavior that is officially tampering goes on all the time and the league is not listing is as a priority, so if they can get away with it, don't expect them not to do it.

Should we expect KD posting about this and telling the Knicks to "grow up?" Yeah, don't think so too.

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