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Andre Iguodala offers sage NBA Finals advice to his 19-year-old teammates

Interestingly, Andre Iguodala's advice didn't involve their 2016 NBA Finals collapse to LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers.
Andre Iguodala's offers sage NBA Finals advice to his 19-year-old teammates

Iguodala offered some sage advice to the young guns, words of wisdom that do not necessarily involve basketball strategy.

19-year-olds Jonathan Kuminga and Moses Moody are in the NBA Finals in their first season as pros. While it is an intimidating stage, they benefit from being surrounded by a slew of veterans, including Andre Iguodala, who is in his seventh NBA Finals appearance. He offered some sage advice to Golden State Warriors young guns, words of wisdom that do not necessarily involve basketball strategy.

They’re not supposed to be here

Iguodala knows that not all 19-year-olds get to the NBA Finals. But, to a certain extent, they are forced to mature quickly — which is not necessarily an easy task. Given this reality, there is a risk of taking things for granted. Kuminga and Moody might think that a trip to the NBA Finals is as easy as walking in the park.

“They’re supposed to be on college campuses learning about themselves, learning who they are as people, learning what they like, learning what they don't like, instead of these guys making five-plus million dollars a year, got all the pressures, the madness of having money and being in the spotlight. You can become jaded. You can start taking these things for granted,” Iguodala said, per NBC Sports.

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Iguodala is speaking from his own experience. His first NBA Finals trip was in 2015 at 31-years-old. Iggy was in his 11th year in the league and on his third team. He was so hungry for his first title that he forgot to have fun.

“It's not their fault. I'm guilty of it, just being in the Finals so many times where I feel nothing. I just know it's my job to go out and win. Really no joy in it, it's just going to work.”

Snatch memories

It would’ve been perfectly understandable if Iguodala reminded Kuminga and Moses of the Warriors’ 3-1 collapse to the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2016. Iguodala could have told them not to falter as they did. But the one-time NBA Finals MVP is considered one of the most critical pieces of the Warriors for a good reason. The man is a well of wisdom. Instead of telling Kuminga and Moses to win by any means necessary, he told them to snatch memories and snap photos.

“Trying to get them to understand you really want to soak up everything that is here, like take pictures,” Iguodala said. “In some Finals I have went to, I have no memorabilia, I don't even remember it. I look back, I wish I would have did this, I wish I would have did that. So just giving them the feedback there.”

It is sound advice that could only come from someone like Iguodala. He has been praised as one of the smartest ballers out there. Now we understand what his colleagues mean. Iguodala’s wisdom does not just involve on-court strategy. Iggy also has a great understanding of life itself. 


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