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Amare Stoudemire wants a longer suspension for Grayson Allen, Andrew Bogut shuts him down

Andrew Bogut has & Amare Stoudemire

Two retired NBA players chimed in but had different views on the incident.

Grayson Allen’s hard foul has been the topic of debates online. Was it dirty? Did he intentionally hurt Alex Caruso? Two retired NBA players chimed in but had different views on the incident. 

Amare Stoudemire wants longer suspension

Amare Stoudemire played in the league for 14 seasons. Obviously, he’s seen it all on the court, and he knows a dirty play when he sees one. In the game between two Eastern Conference-leading teams Milwaukee Bucks and Chicago Bulls, an incident triggered polarizing views online. Grayson Allen stopped Caruso on a fastbreak, but a hard landing led to a broken wrist that needs surgery. 

Netizens were outraged by the incident. The light sanction that Allen received in the aftermath did not help either. The NBA has suspended the Bucks guard for only one game. Meanwhile, the Bulls have lost Caruso for six to eight weeks as the high-flying defensive specialist needed surgery for a broken wrist. Given Allen’s history, it’s not that hard to see the intention behind the hard foul. 

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Stoudemire, who at his peak earned a reputation as a rugged forward who loved to bang bodies inside the paint, aired his side. For him, Grayson should have been given a stricter penalty to which Andrew Bogut responded. 

There is a bit of history between the two former players because a similar incident happened between them, which Bogut reminded Amare about. 

Stoudemire committing the same play 

Amare wanted a harsher penalty because, according to him, it was an intentional foul, and he had been penalized worse for lighter incidents. However, he did a similar play to Bogut in 2010, resulting in multiple injuries. 

The replays tell us Amare pushed Bogut from behind, but the Bucks’ player’s momentum made him lose grip of the ring. It was a dangerous foul that could have ended the Australian’s career. Andrew suffered a broken hand, dislocated elbow, and sprained wrist, which were worse than Caruso’s injury. 

Because of the incident, Stoudemire received boos whenever he was in the Milwaukee Bucks building. But in fairness to him, he did try to reach out to Andrew several times after the incident to apologize. Bogut had a phenomenal season before he got injured, which added to the fans’ anger towards the former Phoenix Suns star. 

It’s a lesson for Grayson Allen, and the penalty should have been harsher. For Amare, it was also a lesson: the internet and Andrew Bogut never forget. So maybe next time, do a quick memory check before policing others. He might have committed the same murder in his past. 

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