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Allen Iverson explains why he would rather play football than basketball today

Allen Iverson loves football and calls it his first love which is why he would choose to play football instead of basketball if the had the opportunity today
Allen Iverson would rather play football than basketball today

With Allen Iverson's incredible athletic ability there is no question he would make a name for himself in the NFL as well

When asked if he had the opportunity to play basketball or football today, interestingly enough, Allen Iverson shares why he would choose football instead and how it was actually his first love growing up before he became an NBA superstar. 

Iverson would choose football

While appearing on the Dan Patrick Show, former NBA player and absolute legend of the game, Allen Iverson talked about multiple things from his illustrious life and career. He touched upon his love for football and why he would rather play football than basketball if he had the same opportunity now. Even though Iverson is one of the NBA's most significant icons, something that younger fans perhaps don't know is that Iverson was equally talented in football, and his career almost went in a different direction.

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One of the main reasons Iverson would rather play football than basketball is because he already played basketball in every way he wanted to throughout his HOF career. For Iverson, football was his first love, and his initial interest before basketball gave him opportunities he could only dream of being a young teenager from Virginia. 

"If I got a chance to really play basketball the way I wanted to, so definitely football. First of all, it was my first love, the first game I feel in love with. My versatility and being able to play so many different positions and having more of an impact on the game because I was able to play both sides of the ball."

Incredible athletic ability

Iverson also shared that he wanted to play football and basketball when he was already in Georgetown on a basketball scholarship. Passing by the football field every day on his way to a basketball practice caused Iverson to cry because he remembered all the great memories he had of playing football in high school. He then built up the courage to ask his coach, the legendary John Thompson, whether he could also start playing football for the university, which didn't sit well with coach Thompson.

"I would definitely try to do both just from the love that I have for basketball ever since Michael Jordan gave me the vision. I would definitely try to play both, and went I went to Georgetown, I asked coach Thompson could I play football. We had to walk to the gym every day from class, and I always passed the football field, and I would always get emotional, tears coming from my eyes because I missed the game so much. One day I had enough courage to ask him if I could play, and with the language, I can't say what he said, but I never thought about playing again, I knew it wasn't happening."

Even though he accomplished a lot in the NBA and is considered one of the best pure athletes in league history, Iverson feels sorry he never had the opportunity to see where his football career could have taken off. He is positive he would perfect his skill in that sport to a level where he could have been one of the best players in the NFL. There is no question Iverson would put himself in a position to be excellent in other sports as he was in basketball. His God-given physical ability, demeanor, and competitive spirit made him stand apart from most other athletes from his era, so imagining him as an NFL superstar doesn't seem impossible. 


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