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"All these kids talking a lot of s**t.” — Vernon Maxwell calls out Ja Morant for saying he could beat Michael Jordan 1-on-1

According to Vernon Maxwell, Ja Morant should add a filter to what he regularly says because if he doesn't, he will find himself in a lot of trouble.
Chicago Bulls guard Michael Jordan and Memphis Grizzlies guard Ja Morant

Michael Jordan and Ja Morant

Last July, Ja Morant claimed that he would've, in his own words, "cooked" Michael Jordan 1-on-1 if he played in the '90s. According to Morant, he has enough confidence to go up against the greatest basketball player of all time as the All-Star believes that nobody can beat him 1-on-1.

As expected, Morant received a ton of backlash for his bold statement, including from former Houston Rocket Vernon Maxwell, who believes that Morant's cockiness has gotten into his head. It's not a surprise that Morant is now being called out for his arrogance and pride — especially since he has yet to win a championship.

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Maxwell wants Morant to stop talking s**t

According to Maxwell, Morant should add a filter to what he regularly says because if he doesn't, he will find himself in a lot of trouble. Maxwell advised Morant to take it easy and stop trash talking, especially if it's towards the likes of MJ, who Maxwell has had experience going up against throughout his 19-year-career.

"All these kids talk a lot of sh*t. Ja - you know I love you and your dad - but hey man, stop that sh*t man. You ain't want them problems, bruh. I'm telling you, Ja. I'm looking at all these damn cameras, yeah, you don't want them problems bruh," Maxwell said on his latest appearance on the No Chill with Gilbert Arenas podcast.

A theoretical MJ vs. Ja matchup

Knowing Jordan and the stories narrated about his personality, he probably just shook his head and laughed after hearing Morant's statements. Remember, Jordan was averaging 37.1 points in his 3rd year in the league — a far cry from Morant, who averaged 27.4 points in his 3rd year. While points per game don't entirely dictate a player's resume, it's still hard to imagine Morant "cooking" Jordan, who was also known to be an excellent defender.

On the flip side, Morant is probably only one of the few who believes he can beat Jordan, and in retrospect, that's a reflection of the burning confidence and determination in him — the exact reasons why he's the most exhilarating player in the NBA today. After all, Ja wouldn't have gone this far if it weren't for all the hard work and belief he has in himself.

But to say that he can cook Michael Jordan? The greatest basketball player of all time? Yeah, Maxwell is right — Morant might want to pump the brakes and hold that thought for a bit. 


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