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Alex English shares why Dennis Rodman was the best player he ever faced


Alex English was one of those NBA players who made a name for himself in the '70s and '80s and is probably not known among the younger generation of NBA fans. However, English was one of the best pure scorers in NBA history, capable of dropping 25-30 points against any team in the league, and in a recent interview, he talked about some of the best players he faced in his HOF career.

Playing against numerous HOF players

English spent the majority of his NBA career with the Denver Nuggets, where he made a name for himself as a legitimate scorer and one of the most versatile players in the league at the time. As a small forward, English said he had to go up against great players almost every game and believes the competition he faced was like no other in NBA history.

You gotta remember now I played in an era where most of the top 50 players came from. I played as a small forward, and every night I had to play a guy that is probably a future HOF. There was James Worthy, Dominique Wilkins, George Gervin; every night, there was a great player.

Alex English

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A lot of older fans would say the '80s were the golden era of NBA basketball mostly because of the toughness of its players. For English, it didn't matter who was on the opposing side of the court because he had the confidence he could score 30 against anybody since he had a variety of moves he could go to in any given situation.

Dennis Rodman gave him the most problems

However, he admits the only player that gave him a lot of problems defensively was none other than Dennis Rodman. The Worm is known as one of the best defenders and rebounders in NBA history, and that is how English describes him. He even went as far as to call Dennis Rodman the greatest player he ever faced in his HOF career, which is a huge compliment when you consider how many NBA greats English competed against on a nightly basis.

The greatest player I ever played against that guarded me was probably Dennis Rodman. His focus was mainly playing defense and rebounding. My main focus was to score, so there was the clash because he had to stop me, and I had to score over him. The way I would get around a lot of folks is that I would outrun them. I was very fluid on the floor, and I would run down the floor and get a lot of easy shots. I could not outrun Dennis Rodman because he was right there with me.

Alex English

Some fans argued how Dennis Rodman should have been included in the top 75 NBA players of all time, and they might have a good point there. Even though he sometimes doesn't get the recognition he deserves, Rodman solidified his name among the best defenders and rebounders in NBA history. Just like English was one of the greatest scorers, Rodman was a great defender who's mindset and mission in every game was to take the best opposing player out of their comfort zone. Rodman did it successfully on numerous occasions against several NBA legends like Alex English.

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