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Alex Caruso on social media’s bias to the Lakers: "I didn’t think that was true until I got another team"


The Lakers are one of the most storied franchises in the NBA, with rich history and 16 titles to their name. Legendary players suited up for the Purple and Gold, which is why the team has a massive following worldwide. A former Laker did not believe the hype but quickly realized how L.A. gets special treatment in social media. 

“I didn’t think that was true until I got another team”

Alex Caruso will forever be part of the Lakers’ history after helping the team win the title in 2020. Now that he plays for the Chicago Bulls, he observed that social media tends to cover all Lakers highlights. He admitted he did not know about the hype when he was part of the team but now recognized it in an interview with Bryan Kalbrosky for Hoops Hype. 

“I didn’t realize this when I was on the Lakers – but social media shows all of the Lakers highlights. [Laughs] I didn’t think that was true until I got another team.”

Alex Caruso, Hoops Hype

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The media will feed what the fans crave. If people want to watch highlight reels of the Lakers, the media will give it to them. Anything to get likes and increase engagement, it’s only natural that sports pages will focus on them. If other teams’ highlights get more reactions online, then social media will feature more of them.

It’s easy to tell why the Lakers are getting featured more: they have a roster featuring All-Stars and future Hall of Famers. Also, storylines help sell the news. Will LeBron catch up to Kobe’s five rings? Can he dethrone Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in the most points scored list this year? Is getting Russell Westbrook an experiment waiting to fail?

A lot of stars want to play for the Lakers because of the extra attention and coverage. They know if they perform well, it could lead to endorsements, movies, and TV appearances. Adding a title to the franchise also means being mentioned alongside all-time greats such Kobe, Shaq, Magic Johnson, LeBron James, and Abdul-Jabbar. Everyone wants to create a legacy before retiring, and there’s no better place than to do it as a Laker.

Caruso on why he chose the Bulls

In the interview, AC cited that the Bulls noticed his underrated playmaking skills, which prompted him to join the team. With his recent performance for Chicago, fans can say Caruso has turned over a new leaf. He’s one of the best when it comes to transition assists and steals, which proves Caruso is one of the best two-way players in the NBA right now. 

He wouldn’t get to showcase his other skills if he still plays for L.A. Playing for other teams may mean lesser exposure but more opportunities for role players such as Caruso. The Lakers may get the extra attention with its stars and history, but sometimes, the bright lights are not for all. 

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