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Al Horford’s sister calls out the Celtics on Twitter


Anna Horford might not be as recognized as LaVar Ball or be one of the Jokic brothers, but when it comes to Al Horford’s sister, she clearly does not play around. Known as quite the Twitter hothead, she seems to now be fighting Boston fans, making her the first family member of an NBA player to pick a fight with every sports franchise on social media. Congratulations?

Anna is known for this stuff.

The Celtics are a mess right now, but it's never good when family members chime in on social media.

This was Anna’s amicable farewell after Horford was traded to OKC. 

Here you can find Anna ensuring her big brother has as many options down the road as possible.

Last we have Anna thanking the league that’s brought over $216 million into Al’s and her family’s pockets. 

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Impact on Celtics?

But for the Celtics, it’s just another week of headlines. Scratch that; it hasn’t even been a week since Joel Embiid called the Celtics’ iso heavy style ‘easy.’ But at least this wasn’t as bad as Marcus Smart’s media callout on the entire team. The truth of the matter is that Anna is upset once again, her big brother is going to be traded out of Boston, according to Jared Weiss of The Athletic

The truth is that I genuinely like Horford on the Celtics. Yes, I understand that he is all but a walking skeleton who can’t stay ahead of anyone aged 33 or younger. He may even throw up the occasional clank six seconds into the shot clock. But Horford fills up many of the team’s holes and is the best passer on the entire team.

No, he is. Tatum and Brown haven’t shown any flashes of playmaking ability past, ‘Oh crap, I’m double-teamed, better pass the ball now.’ The only two players who average more assists than Horford are Marcus Smart and Dennis Shroder, but that’s because they’re tasked with point guard duties. A 35-year old big man is the best passer on the team, which says a helluva lot more about the Celtics’ problems than anything else. He gets bonus points for having the eighth hottest wife in the NBA, according to Men's Health.

Was that relevant? Short answer: She is a former Miss Universe…

Anna will continue to poke shots at every fanbase until Horford either retires or is mentioned in any context. By my estimation, those two birds will both be hit within three years. Considering Al and Anna’s dad, Tito Horford, was also in the league, being the first-ever Dominican-born NBA player, Anna’s an NBA lifer in a way. What will it be next week? A Rick Pitino comeback rant aimed at a young player like Romeo Langford, or will Tatum’s son Deuce draw a picture of Robert Williams in a Kings’ jersey? 

I guess will have to wait and find out. 


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