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According to Dennis Rodman, the Warriors wouldn't stand a chance against the 90's Bulls

warriors vs bulls

NBA Hall of Famer Dennis Rodman made a guest appearance on ESPN and had once again a couple of controversial statements. 

First of all, he claimed that '90s Bulls would win in a hypothetical matchup against the Warriors when they still had Kevin Durant on their roster. He gave us a perfectly reasonable explanation saying that Scottie Pippen would give Kevin Durant fits and that there is no one on the Warriors team capable of guarding Michael Jordan. Rodman also thinks that he would have no difficulties handling Draymond Green. 

"I got no problem handing that Green guy. Draymond, keep getting your teeth straight, honey, and listen to your mama. Doctor D-Rod is calling right now, baby. You want a prescription? Come ask me."

Dennis was not the only one to state that the Bulls would be the obvious winners of this matchup, but Jalen Rose also made a similar statement. 

I also believe that '90s Bulls would win nine times out of 10. This new era of NBA players never experienced the physical strength and toughness that every player needed to have to compete back in the day. I think today Golden State Warriors would be easily overpowered by '90s Bulls, which would eventually lead to a Bulls win.

Although the current Golden State Warriors have won three Championships, '90s Bulls won three in a row, twice, and according to him, that is the answer to this question. The '90s Bulls will always be remembered as one of the most iconic dynasties of the NBA and the fact that Jordan never made it to the finals and lost, makes us believe that they are right. 

Imagine If somebody were to play against the '90s Bulls, they would be in line with one of the biggest legends like Rodman, Jordan, Pippen, Kukoc, and Harper.

"You got Mike and Scottie, defense players of the year, same as Dennis Rodman. Toni Kukoc was a stretch forward, so again."

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Just a reminder that Dennis Rodman has seven consecutive rebounding titles and NBA Defensive Player of the Year Award twice.

"There is no one in the Golden State Warriors that has won a rebounding title. They are both great teams, but the answer are the Bulls.". 

The second controversial Rodman statement was about Jordan and his scoring average if he played in this era. 

 "If Michael (Jordan) played in this Era, he'd average 50. "

Rose agrees with Rodman with the fact Jordan could probably average ten more points today than he did in his highest-scoring season.

During the 1986/87 season, Jordan averaged a mind-blowing 37.1 points per game, which was fascinating, especially when you take into consideration how rough and physical defense was played back in the day. Defenders could wait in the paint because there were no three-second violations. On top of that, hand-checking was allowed, so it made it difficult to get a shot.

However, this type of defense is no longer allowed, which means there are more space and opportunities for players to score. Since the '90s, basketball has evolved, the games are flashier, and the emphasis is on scoring more than ever before. Today we hardly see any emotions on players and their coaching staff when their defense is beat, and they get scored on with an easy bucket. It seems that back in the '90s, players had more pride, and they were willing to fight for a win. '90s Bulls had real soldiers on the floor who were ready to die for the ball and win. Their record and achievements they've made it throughout the years as a team and as individuals prove their greatness.

Now ask yourself again, are Jordan and '90s Bulls given too much credit or is this a straight fact? 


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