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A Reddit user compiled a list of numerous 'dirty plays' from LeBron's career

LeBron James

A Reddit username makes a compilation of dirty plays from LeBron

A Reddit user under the name u/riderforlyfe posted a compilation of videos of many dirty plays by LeBron James throughout the recent years in his career that sparked additional controversy surrounding his intentions with other players.

History of dirty plays from LeBron?

The recent altercation between LeBron James and Isaiah Stewart during the game between the Detroit Pistons and Los Angeles Lakers sparked a lot of controversy and discussions. Numerous fans and analysts weighed in on the topic of whether LeBron hit Stewart intentionally or it was just an accident since they were fighting for position under the basket. Some obviously believe LeBron took a cheap shot at Stewart, while some believe it happened by accident.

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Fans who dislike LeBron will mostly conclude that he is a dirty player, while others will say he is not with not too much objectiveness in their thinking. That is why this video compilation is a good enough source to carefully determine if some of these plays expose LeBron as a dirty player or just someone who plays hard, and when you play hard, accidents like this tend to happen.

For the sake of argument, it's also important to emphasize that LeBron has been playing in the NBA for 19 years now, and when you play for such a long time, naturally, you take part in plays that might be considered dirty by some.

Here is the entire list of plays that this user pulled out from the last few seasons that showcase LeBron as a dirty player.

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