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A new video resurfaced where Michael Jordan says he doesn't want to overshadow his teammates

Michael Jordan

Video shows Jordan was supportive of his teammates

There was always a narrative of how Michael Jordan pushed his teammates to the absolute maximum, demanding them to be on the same level as he during those championship runs. He was characterized as often brutal to them, but an older clip resurfaced where it shows he praised them and showed unbelievable humility when talking about them.

Jordan shows humility and praise for his temmates

Scottie Pippen recently came out and said he was a much better teammate than Michael Jordan because he encouraged his teammates and showed them support. While on the other hand, he blasted the narrative that the Chicago Bulls won those championships because Jordan was hard on them and demanded 110 percent from them every time they stepped on the basketball court.

In this video provided by Sidelinesources, you can see a humbled Michael Jordan asked by Disney to endorse the company, and he initiated that his teammates be included as well.

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"I will not do it, not unless you include the starting five. Cause I didn't do this by myself. I felt compelled to do that because I don't want to overshadow anyone, I love for us to be successful. But I believe, and I've always believed that when the team's successful, everybody shines. All the individual accolades take care of themselves [and] everybody's gonna blossom from this situation."

This video clashes with what Scottie Pippen recently said about Jordan; however, it's also fair to say how the truth is probably somewhere in the middle. Jordan was tough on his teammates when he thought they needed that boost to perform better but on multiple occasions praised their impact and importance in winning all those championships.

The narrative of him being a frightful teammate will probably never change, but it's great to see an example where he shows humility, a trait we haven't seen very much from Jordan throughout his entire career.

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