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A message from Gary Payton who urges everyone to stay at their homes

Payton delivered a message to everyone who is still not taking the situation seriously enough. Even though most of the countries are urging people to stay inside their homes to reduce virus transmission, it seems a lot of people are not listening to these pieces of advice.

Payton was known for getting into people's faces now urges people to do the opposite and stay at their homes until the situation clears. He used the term "social distancing" as something that people need to learn and respect during these times.

"You know where I got my name from. Defense and being in my opponents face. I will be real with you right now. Right now is not the time to be in anybody's face. That's right. We all how to do our part and participate in social distancing. That's right, social distancing. That's one of the most important things we can do to eventually get back to normal and defeat the Coronavirus. So everyone, please be patient and remain calm. This isn't the time to go out partying and hanging out. Stay in the house. Stay healthy and stay safe. God bless and see you soon."

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