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A Closer Look at the Nets After Kyrie Irving’s Record-Breaking Game

Can the Brooklyn Nets ride the momentum of Kyrie Irving's 60-point game?
Kyrie Irving celebrating with Kevin Durant after his 60-point game against the Orlando Magic

Kyrie Irving with Kevin Durant after his 60-point performance against the Magic

The Brooklyn Nets dominated the Orlando Magic last Tuesday, ending the game with a score of 150 – 108. But a victory is not the only thing that Brooklyn fans, as well as NBA fans in general, were treated to. 

The star of the game, without a doubt, was Kyrie Irving, who scored 60 points, shattering the previous single-game team scoring record. In an explosive first half, Kyrie dropped a staggering 41 points.

For his part, in the post-game interview, Irving said that he owes the record, not just to himself, but to his teammates, who supported him throughout the game and encouraged him to go after the record. So, for those who missed the game, let’s take a closer look at how it developed, and what it was that led to Irving’s spectacular performance.

The Nets vs. The Magic

The first half saw Kyrie’s head-spinning performance when he scored 41 points, joining Kobe Bryant and Klay Thompson as the 3rd player in the past 25 seasons to score at least 40 points in the first two quarters.

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As the game went by, and the Magic fell further and further behind, they decided to abandon all hope of defending, and revved up their aggression, attempting to push themselves into a comeback. The attempt was met with failure, and the Brooklyn Nets ended up showing why they are one of the most popular teams on a long list of betting sites.

The Nets were already a hugely popular team, and quite successful, however, this spectacular game has put them on the center stage. It would not come as much of a surprise if the Nets quickly became favorites on betting sites. It also wouldn’t be surprising if this success boosts morale, and the Nets begin to perform even better in upcoming games. 

Sadly, their four-day streak would not last, as their matchup against the Mavericks ended in a loss, with a score of 113 – 111.

The Nets vs. the Mavericks

A close game, to be sure, with both teams giving it their all, the March 16 matchup between the Mavericks and the Nets ended in disappointment for the Brooklyn team. 

Riding high on their victory against the Magic, the Nets went into this one hungry for a win. The game itself was certainly heart-pumping, with constant lead changes. In fact, by the end, the Nets were ahead by a point, and it seemed like they would extend their winning streak.

Unfortunately for the Nets, and fortunately for the Mavericks, Dinwiddie dragged his team into a comeback, scoring a 3-point buzzer-beater, and pulling victory from the jaws of defeat.

During the post-game interview, Dinwiddie, who spent four years with the Nets, claimed that the game was fun and exciting and that he holds no animosity towards the opposing team, as he still has friends in Brooklyn. While the move was certainly risky, it was also effective. The Nets, for their part, remain enthusiastic, and Brooklyn fans still have their backs.

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