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4000 MEALS A WEEK An inside look into the life of NBA bubble master chefs


The NBA's move to the Disney Bubble has been the most ambitious, but also the most challenging project the league has taken on so far. It involved numerous infrastructural and logistical hurdles that needed to be addressed, but the NBA truly did a fine job making the bubble possible.

Apart from having to figure out a way to address all of the team's basketball operations by providing them with adequate training facilities, equipment, and an official arena, the league had to deal with problems relating to basic human needs such as food and shelter on an intimidating scale.

To make things even more complicated, all of these solutions had to be designed with proper COVID-19 measures in mind, making every operation within the bubble germ-free.

We've already covered how the NBA solved its problems related to accommodation in previous articles, but thanks to a recent feature from Business Insider, we've managed to get an inside look at the bubble's number one priority: FOOD!

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In order to feed all of the players within the bubble, the NBA had to divide the Disney complex into two zones: the zone in which players reside, and the zone in which an about a dozen chefs, along with their help, prepared food in the most sterile conditions humanly possible.

One of the ten chefs invited to the bubble was a master comfort food chef Alexia Grant who gave us an interesting insight into her daily life in the bubble and the precautions she must take to ensure food safety:

You can only imagine how difficult it must be to feed and average NBA player due to their size and energy consumption levels. Now imagine having to do this with COVID measures in mind with little to no help.

Chef's hat off to Alexia and all of the other chefs who have made sure that all of your favorite players in the bubble weren't starving. Now we can only imagine what that championship feast is gonna be looking like in a few days.

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