Larry Johnson shares which players from the NBA today could compete back in the ’90s

Larry Johnson shares which players from the NBA today could compete back in the ’90s

Former NBA player and one of the most exciting forwards in the ’90s, Larry Johnson, made a guest appearance on the Knuckleheads podcast. Johnson discussed numerous things from his illustrious career, and one of the topics he talked about are the players from today’s s generation that he admires and believes they could’ve played back in the ’90s.

Johnson said the NBA was way tougher back then and that there are only a few players that he believes would be as dominant as they are right now. The players’ Johnson has in mind are Kawhi Leonard, LeBron James, and Joel Embiid. Interestingly enough, even though Johnson mentioned LeBron, he stated he wouldn’t be as equally dominant today because the players and the game itself were a lot more physical than it is nowadays.

Well, we gotta get physical, and there is not a lot of that going on, you know. I always thought like, we look at these youngsters, and I go okay, who could have played with us? You know, Leonard, of course, I think cause he plays defense first. So I think Kawhi definitely would’ve fit in. Of course, LeBron because he got the big body. He can play. I don’t think he’d be as dominant as with us as he is with these youngsters, you know. He would get into some fights. It was a challenge; you know what I mean? You don’t see a lot of physical play down low. I think even the center play is not there anymore. You got Joel Embiid. Embiid is just dominating everybody cause he is willing to go down low and do it.

Larry Johnson, via Knuckleheads Podcast

There is no doubt more players from today’s NBA would be equally good if they played in the ’90s, especially guards and forwards, who are more versatile than ever. It’s true what Johnson said about the league being more physical back in the day, but players would adapt quickly to different rules and intensity. Talented players could play in any era no matter what the rules are in place, and it’s all about the time it would take for them to adjust to the game properly.

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