LARRY BIRD NEAR QUADRUPLE-DOUBLE game vs. Utah Jazz in 1985: ‘That was what I’d call a great game’

LARRY BIRD NEAR QUADRUPLE-DOUBLE game vs. Utah Jazz in 1985: ‘That was what I’d call a great game’

Larry Bird was having one of his many legendary games on February 18, 1985, against the Utah Jazz. Larry Legend was dominating both ends of the floor, and after three quarters, the Boston Celtics were up 90-66. Bird already had a triple-double with 30 points, 12 rebounds, and ten assists.

After being told about the opportunity to get a quadruple-double, Bird chose not to go back into the game after being taken out in the third quarter. He totaled 33 minutes for the entire game.

With the Celtics holding a comfortable lead, Larry Legend sat out the entire fourth quarter, even though he was one steal short of a quadruple-double. After the game, Bird was asked if he wanted to play and try to get that 10th steal. Bird said, “What for? I already did enough damage to them.”.

Kevin McHale also had a monster game vs. Jazz by adding 29 points for the Celtics, who outscored the Jazz, 34-10, in the first period and never allowed Utah closer than 18 points the rest of the way. The Jazz (25-29) were led by Fred Roberts, who came off the bench to score 22 points.

After his best scoring performance when he dropped 60 points, Bird recalled the game where he almost had the quadruple and said that was even more special.

“Sixty-points is a lot. Don’t get me wrong. I made shots against the Hawks that game I can’t recall making at any other time. It’s not easy to do. But there was a game from a little earlier that season where I had a triple-double and a bunch of steals in around 30 minutes against the Jazz. That had it all. That was what I’d call a great game. If you wanna talk about that one…”

Larry Bird

Before that game between Utah Jazz & Boston Celtics, there was only one quadruple-double officially recorded in NBA history by Nate Thurmond of the Chicago Bulls. He had 22 points, 14 rebounds, 13 assists, and 12 blocked shots in a 120-115 overtime victory over Atlanta on October 18, 1974.

It’s important to note that stats on blocked shots and steals have been kept only since 1973, so there may have been others that went unrecorded.