Lamar Odom talks about stopping a fight between Kobe Bryant and Master P

Lamar Odom talks about stopping a fight between Kobe Bryant and Master P

Former NBA player Lamar Odom has been through a lot in the last couple of years, recovering from personal and health issues that almost cost him his life. Luckily, he’s back on track with his life, looking healthy, and recently made a guest appearance on VladTV, where he discussed numerous things from his personal life and NBA career. Lamar made a name for himself after getting traded to the Los Angeles Lakers in 2004, where he joined Kobe Bryant after the Lakers won three championships and were a consistent playoff team. After some early struggles and the team not making the playoffs, they would appear in three straight NBA finals, winning two in a row, and Lamar was an essential piece during those championship runs.

That season when Lamar joined the team, the Lakers were struggling and couldn’t make the playoffs which was viewed negatively by their fans who were used to the Lakers being one of the top teams in the NBA. When you’re playing for the Lakers, there is a lot of pressure to win all the time, and all of that burden was on Kobe’s shoulders now since he was the one that urged the Lakers to trade Shaquille O’Neal.

According to Lamar, at one of their practices, there was an incident between Kobe and the famous rapper Master P, who was a Lakers fan and couldn’t stand his favorite team not making the playoffs. Lamar didn’t go into much detail, but he said the energy and the vibe were off as soon as Master P stepped into the practice facility. Apparently, there was some exchange between him and Kobe that fortunately didn’t escalate into a physical confrontation.

For whatever reason, P came to our practice with the aura, or the energy or the timing of it, and Bean wasn’t kind of feeling it. You gotta understand, these are two alpha males in what they do, and it was just awkward. I was just checking both of their temperatures and make sure everything is cool. It was just bad; the energy was off between the two.

Lamar Odom, via VladTV

Luckily cooler heads prevailed, and it was Lamar who had to calm them both down to stop what potentially could’ve been a fight between the two legends. Kobe wasn’t feeling anyone coming into his building and criticizing him or his teammates for not having the same success as they did in previous years. Master P was known as someone with great basketball talent and who could’ve played professionally. Hence, he thought he has the right to come into the practice facility and express his feelings towards Bryant and the Lakers for their lack of success.

Bryant couldn’t stand someone who was considered an outsider come in there and spread bad energy, obviously trying to provoke a situation. He would stand his ground, and if you wanted an altercation, he would give it to you no questions asked, because that was simply a part of his mentality. Luckily, Lamar was the voice of reason in that specific situation, helping things don’t get out of hand.