Lamar Odom shares a story about nearly knocking out Mark Cuban during his time in Dallas.

In yesterday’s interview with Graham Bensinger, Lamar Odom shared an amusing anecdote when he nearly snapped on Mark Cuban during his time in Dallas.

Lamar remembered his Mavs years and spoke about the hard time he was having emotionally during those days. One of his closest relatives was killed during the time, which triggered his depression, and we all know mental issues were still a taboo back then. NBA teams, along with the league, did not have a system in place to help players dealing with mental health issues.

I was in a really emotional part of my life, and I told Mark Cuban the place that I was in. One of my closest relatives just got killed. And I just wasn’t in the headspace to play and perform on a high level.

Lamar admitted his performance was subpar and had talked to Cuban about it — Cuban acknowledged this and assured Odom he understood the situation and that everything was alright.

According to Odom, the situation had escalated during a game against the Grizzlies, when he didn’t have the best night, and Mark Cuban was not having happy about it.

We were in a game against the Memphis Grizzlies. He didn’t like how I was playing. I guess my effort and energy was bad, and it got emotional he kind of kicked me in my shin and told me, ‘Come on, get with it.’

I just took it as the ultimate sign of disrespect.

Vince is lookin’ like me like, “don’t do it. I guess he probably saw the look on my face; I was ready to toss Mark Cuban’s ass around that locker room.

Lamar later admitted he regrets not being in a better place during his Mavs years as he could have learned a lot from Cuban, the franchise, and gained more from the entire Dallas experience.

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