Lamar Odom describes the worst financial decision he ever made

Lamar Odom describes the worst financial decision he ever made

Former NBA player Lamar Odom made a guest appearance on In Depth with Graham Besinger, where he talked about several things from his illustrious career but also his personal life. Unfortunately, Odom made some poor decisions in his life, and when Besinger asked him about the worst financial decision he ever made, Odom had a ready answer.

He remembered a night when he was in Miami with the late great Rasual Butler. They were in a night club, and Odom was confronted by a particular football player about the drinks he and Butler were having. They were drinking Moet Rose, so Odom’s pride took over, and he decided to order a hundred bottles of Moet to show off in front of the football player and his crew.

“I was in a club in Miami with my late great friend Rasual Butler. It was Rasul’s birthday. When we go out, we like to drink, and we drank Moet Rose. And then we see this football player right in front of us. He and his guy are drinking Ace of Spade. He said to me to step my game up. So I told the waiter that I need a hundred bottles of Moet Rose.”

Odom wanted to show who is the alpha male that night, so he orchestrated that almost everyone in the club drinks on his tab except for the football player that initially challenged him.

“I said I want them to bring ten now and then give ten to these Puerto Rican kids. So now, I am going to assassinate the whole look that he got going on. I got the kids sitting right next to him, buying ten bottles of Moet Rose that I am about to drink with them. So that’s 20. I had this dark VIP section with now 70 bottles. When I got to the 80th bottle, I told them to hand this out in the crowd and then bring the last 20 right back here. That is probably my worst, and it probably cost around 120k dollars.”

Odom admitted that what he did that night was stupid and that his pride took over, which was the trigger for many of his bad decisions in life. After having problems with abusing drugs, and almost losing his life, it seems Odom found peace in his life and is looking healthier than he did in recent years.