Kyrie’s weirdness is off the charts

Kyrie’s weirdness is off the charts

He’s always been a creative communicator shall we say. Kyrie has driven every Boston fan mad this season with his lack of leadership. When you are the second guy on your team and say weird stuff, it’s entertaining. When you are the self-proclaimed leader and start talking in meta mumbo jumbo, it has a deeper effect.

It is becoming clear that Kyrie is closest to signing with the Brooklyn Nets, maybe the Knicks or a third team swoops in (he would have to take a major pay cut for the Lakers rumors to work), and while we don’t know where he will sign, we do know where he won’t – Boston and Kyrie are done.

So now it’s time for the stories to surface as a preview of a “Here’s all the weird shit Kyrie did” story that we will definitely get during the summer. While on Colin Cowherd’s show, Doug Gottlieb gave us a preview.

Gottlieb says Kyrie Irving walked up to Brad Stevens before a film session and said, “What does the word government mean to you?” upon Brad saying “Good morning”

You can imagine the awkwardness in that situation. Now imagine that happening a few times a week. Now imagine that guy talking about leadership and criticizing you in the similar metalanguage. I thas to be annoying, stressful and bound to blow up.

Coach Stevens allegedly tapped around the question not to get pulled in to the rabbit hole and redirected the question to Kyrie. Kyrie’s answer? The word “government” means “control” to him.


I guess holding you accountable and using logic to judge the consistency of your words and actions are also a form of control. Good luck Brooklyn.