Kyrie lashed out after fans booed him in Boston

Kyrie lashed out after fans booed him in Boston

Kyrie didn’t play in Boston last night, but that didn’t prevent the fans from making their feelings known. It didn’t take long for Kyrie to respond on social media with a long, woke comment.

Paul Pierce channeled Boston fans on live TV the other day when he said Kyrie “deserves to get booed in Boston.” The very first possession of the game, TD Garden started to chant and call Kyrie out for not showing up for the game. One fan, in particular, made an effort. See if you can spot him.

Pierce explained their case in the comment mentioned above. Kyrie promised to come back, imploded the season, and then left. It’s not shocking that fans, especially in a sports town like Boston, didn’t appreciate how everything went down. I wouldn’t say a few signs and “Kyrie sucks” chants are dramatic, but Kyrie wouldn’t agree. Here’s a story he posted on Instagram.

If Kyrie has mental health issues, we hope he’s getting help from professionals and feels better in time. That being said, this seems a bit dramatic. This was as mild of a reaction you’re going to get in Boston. If Kyrie wants to get out of the “fishbowl” and the public eye, the only thing he needs to do is call his agent to prepare his retirement papers.

Being an NBA superstar in New York City is a public job, and there’s no way around it. Kyrie’s made more than enough money in his career to walk away, and choosing to stay means he has to accept the public aspect of the sport. Yes, it is entertainment. People go to games, buy jerseys, Pepsi, and tickets to see Uncle Drew because they care.

It will be interesting to see if his shoulder will be good to go in a few days when the Nets play the Celtics in Brooklyn.