Kyrie Irving is happy in Boston and believes they can be the new super team in NBA

Kyrie Irving is happy in Boston and believes they can be the new super team in NBA

During an interview with Jackie MacMullan from, Kyrie Irving discussed a lot of topics about himself, his team and the plans for the upcoming years.

There were some rumors about him possibly leaving the Boston Celtics next season, with New York Knicks being a primary destination for the young All-Star.

Kyrie believes the Boston Celtics can beat Golden State Warriors in seven games. When asked why he’s being so confident in their success Irving told MacMullan, “Because of who we have, and what we’re establishing here, not just for this season, but hopefully for the next few years, something that’s pretty special.”

In the past months, there was a lot of rumor going around about Kyrie Irving and Jimmy Butler teaming up in New York, however, Irving said they haven’t actively spoken about it at all.

“Who wouldn’t be a part of this?” Irving told MacMullan, alluding to the Celtics’ gleaming new practice facility in Brighton. “Who wouldn’t want to be a part of Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum and Al Horford and Gordon Hayward?

“I keep them abreast of everything. We need to be communicating like that because there are very few years where you get a chance to be a championship team — unless you are Golden State. The drive for greatness, the drive to win a championship, that’s all I care about,” he says. “The rest of it doesn’t matter.”

Kyrie is confident in his health. Like most players, he didn’t sign an extension as he expects to make much more in next year’s free agency. When asked about the speculation surrounding his free agency Kyrie said: “I’m accepting it’s going to be a constant story.”