Kyrie Irving addresses the media after Celtics third straight loss

Kyrie Irving addresses the media after Celtics third straight loss

The Boston Celtics are definitely not having the season everybody suspected they would. After 31 games so far in this season, they have an 18-13 score which is at the moment good for the 5th spot in the eastern conference. They lost their last 3 games against Pistons, Suns, and Bucks which basically meant it’s time to sound the alarm.

It was reported the team organized an internal meeting following their loss to the Bucks.  There were several things that were the main topics they discussed, and Kyrie Irving shares some insight into the whole situation.

“I think everyone can see that we’ve obviously had some inconsistencies regarding our play,” Irving said. “So I think it was just time to address it. At this point it comes down to cohesion, being able to trust the pass, trust what we have going on out there. “There’s obviously some selfish play going on out there.”

The Celtics have been playing a different brand of basketball this seasonlossand it seems it has affected their chemistry. Irving noticed there is a lot of one-on-one play in isolations that leads too bad shots for the Celtics.

“I get caught up in that as well. For me, it’s a hard challenge, because there’s a balance I have. I literally can do anything I want out there, but at the same time, it’s what can I do for my teammates to be more successful. I have to be very conscious of that.”

Irving is also aware of the role he needs to play in the team. With the experience, he has he needs to make certain action to get his team on the winning track because at this moment Celtics look vulnerable.

“That all goes on the back burner to be patient with what I have to do to grow as a leader of this team and help these other young guys to be more prepared for what they’ll encounter as they get older in this league and are going through right now. That’s part of the deal that I have, as opposed to how many shots I get or how successful I am. It’s how successful we are as a team. I want to make sure these guys are comfortable out there, and it’s more their success as much as mine.”

Kyrie is having a solid season for the Celtics. He is currently averaging 22 points per game to go along with 5 rebounds and 6 assists and is someone who is often looked at as the leader of this team and someone who has the obligation to make his team better.

The coaching staff will also need to find a way to motivate the team and make certain adjustments that will help them win games on a nightly basis. It will be interesting to see how the team will perform after this meeting since they have a couple of tough games ahead of them.