Kyrie “I don’t owe anyone sh–“

Kyrie “I don’t owe anyone sh–“

The trade deadline is a week away, and we already have drama all around. Let me remind you that it is Superbowl week and no one cares. AD requested a trade, then we had the bombshell Porzingis trade, and now we are back on the AD drama. 

His decision caused a lot of ripple effects, and Kyrie is central has been connected to all of them. Will he stay and make Boston a destination for AD? Will he team up with LeBron in Los Angeles? Now that NYC has cap space, is he going to the Knicks with Durant? There are a lot of moving parts.

Usually, some clarity from a player would help calm things down. But, this is Kyrie we’re talking about, nothing is clear and easy to understand with him. Players love to say this is a business and teams have no loyalty, but sometimes it’s them that give the other side ammo.

During the preseason, Kyrie took center stage in TD Garden and in front of season ticket holders said that “If you guys will have me back, I plan on re-signing here.” The crowd went wild, their best player just committed to staying there long term. He didn’t re-sign this past summer because it was the best financial move for him, maximizing earnings and no one could blame him – as long as he wants to be a Celtic long term.

But, he did say “plan.” Plans can change,this is a business, remember? Organizations are cruel but remember when DeAndre committed to the Clippers, then was taken hostage by his teammates and in the end, went back on his word and signed with the Clippers? Don’t trust players until they sign either. Well, Kyrie didn’t stop there. He made a commercial playing one-on-one in the TD Garden talking about having his number retired next to all the great Celtics. That’s some serious commitment.

Still, people are nervous in Boston today. The season isn’t going according to plan. Kyrie is pushing himself into leadership and not doing a good job at it. He is clashing with the young talent, calling LeBron to apologize for being like the kids he has on the team now and now it seems he is not so in love with Boston as he was at the beginning of the season. 

He is right he legally doesn’t owe anyone anything. His contract is out at the end of the season, and he gets to do whatever he wants. But, the promise, the commercial…actions, and words have consequences and if you can’t keep a promise, don’t make it.

Players are right when they criticize organizations on being cold and calculated. Let’s not pretend they are not.