Kyle Lowry sends a direct threat to Aaron Gordon after a cheap shot
"I'm gonna f-ck him up!"

Kyle Lowry sends a direct threat to Aaron Gordon after a cheap shot

Kyle Lowry may not be the biggest player on the court, but everyone who played against him knows that Lowry never backs down. Last night he showed that, as he got into it with Magic forward Aaron Gordon.

These two have some history, most recently while playing in the bubble, as they got into a heated shouting match after Lowry fouled him hard in mid-air, causing Gordon to fall and land awkwardly, hyperextending his left hamstring. It seems like Gordon didn’t forget.

The Raptors hosted the Magic last night and got a 115-102 win with Lowry notching 12 points and 15 assists. During the second quarter, Gordon decided to give Lowry a hard shoulder check away from the play. Lowry flew away, and Gordon got hit with a flagrant foul. The point guard was visibly furious.

Lowry wasn’t having none of that, as he was telling his former teammate and Magic guard Terrence Ross what’s going to happen: “I’m gonna f-ck him up!

What led to it was probably the possession before that, in which Lowry boxed out Gordon pretty low and hit him on the leg that Gordon hyperextended in the bubble. Gordon would exit the game but eventually return to play only to sprain his ankle in the 3rd quarter and be done for the rest of the game.

After the game, Magic coach Steve Clifford didn’t hide his feelings about Lowry’s actions on the court. 

“We’re actually lucky, by the way, that [Aaron] didn’t get hurt worse in the first half with his knee with the Kyle Lowry, whatever you want to call it, block-out of the ball. He hit him right in the knee, man. It’s a dangerous play. A guy could get hurt badly. The officials saw it at halftime, they told me. But again, you could hurt somebody badly doing that.”

Steve Clifford, Yahoo Sports

In the end, cooler head prevailed, as there weren’t any problems after the game. The Raptors and Magic are set to play again on Tuesday in Orlando, as Lowry and Gordon could face off again if Gordon’s ankle injury doesn’t keep him off the court. If he is healthy, we could have another episode in the Lowry-Gordon saga. Get your popcorn ready, as we find out if Lowry and Gordon will make the next volume of our popular YouTube series!