Kyle Kuzma on LeBron James: “Serious but he’s like an 18-year-old”

Kyle Kuzma on LeBron James: “Serious but he’s like an 18-year-old”

Next season, Kyle Kuzma will play for the Washington Wizards, and although he’s no longer in LA, he confirmed: “it’s all love” with his former franchise. In a recent interview with Gilbert Arenas, Kuzma recently shared personal moments with a former teammate at Los Angeles Lakers, LeBron James. Many see LeBron as a super serious person on the court, but Kuzma shed light on other aspects of James’ appeal.

Kuzma on James: Always laughing and dancing

Kuzma and James remain friends, even though they are not teammates anymore. One of the things the 26-year-old realized was that James and other superstars in the league are just human beings.

You just realize everyone’s human. We hold people of figures to a pedestal but like in all reality, everyone is the same person.

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James had a fantastic run in almost every postseason in 10 years. On the court, he means business but off it, he’s pretty goofy and doing some random stuff that he regularly uploads on social media. 

The under-appreciated aspect of James’ life is how he conducts himself off the court. The Lakers star has not been involved in family drama or infidelity. He is a supportive father to his kids and made various business ventures. James is successful in life, may it be professional or personal matters, and this is something Kuz could bring to the Wizards and set a model for his younger teammates. He is his own man now in Washington.

LeBron James and Kyle Kuzma’s closeness

Whenever a teammate of LeBron gets traded, fans assume it was the decision of James, and he orchestrated the entire thing. Many stories are created by the media, and while there may be some truth in it, in reality, James remains close to his former teammates. 

Before Kuzma got traded to Washington, James and Jared Dudley threw a sendoff party for Kyle. The bond will remain for the former teammates who won a ring together. As someone with championship experience, Wizards fans hope Kuzma could bring positive energy in the locker room and be an excellent supporting player for superstar Bradley Beal.