Ky Bowman may qualify for low-income housing in San Francisco

Ky Bowman may qualify for low-income housing in San Francisco

A few days ago, the Golden State Warriors had an active roster that made about $14 million combined. With a monster performance from Eric Paschall, that team beat the Trail Blazers. To put it into perspective, here are a few players that make more than $14 million this season: Bobby Portis, Ian Mahinmi, Brandon Knight, Gorgui Deng.

That fact illustrates the season ahead of the Warriors. Curry and Klay are out, Draymond has a torn ligament in his thumb and will be out a while as well. That leaves D’Angelo Russell & Co. to show how much they are worth. Except for D’Angelo, the second highest-paid player with no health issues on the Warriors is Alec Burks playing for $2,320,044 this season. 

One other player that is standing out in all this is Ky Bowman. If you look up the Warriors roster on Basketball-Reference you’ll find him at the bottom of the table with an empty cell – only a note saying “two-way” contract. His current salary is $79,568 which would qualify him for low-income housing in San Francisco. 

According to the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), the “Low Income Limits” in San Francisco are set at $82,200 for an individual and $117,400 for a family of four. So assuming Ky is living alone, he qualifies. 

Given the Warriors health bill and his recent performances, Bowman will be spending a lot of time with the Warriors on his two-way. When in the NBA, a player with a two-way contract will accrue a day of service and make money consistent with an NBA rookie minimum – this year that minimum is $898,310. If Bowman spends the maximum 45 days with the Warriors, he will make around $300k.

It seems we don’t have to worry about Bowman, but this is a great illustration of how big of a difference is playing in the G-League and maybe spending a few days with the team on a two-way compared to the NBA minimum.