Kwame Brown shares how he helped Kobe Bryant score 81 points vs. the Raptors in 2006

Kwame Brown shares how he helped Kobe Bryant score 81 points vs. the Raptors in 2006

Kwame Brown is trending for the past couple of days, primarily because of his recent verbal attacks on several former NBA players and, most recently, even Stephen A.Smith. It’s evident Brown is not holding back, especially after saying many insulting things about others; he decided to continue his rant on social media. After being relatively silent for years, Brown decided to use the power of social media to speak out against all the negative commentary and memes that resurfaced on the internet throughout the last decade.

In one of his recent videos, Kwame talked about that historic Kobe Bryant‘s performance when he scored 81 points against the Toronto Raptors. Brown was a starting center for that squad and had the opportunity to see firsthand what that performance looked like in real-time. According to Kwame, he made a significant contribution to Kobe, getting 81 points by setting up the best possible screens to get Kobe that extra space he needed to score.

If you are present on social media, you probably saw a meme in which they are mocking Kwame about him and Kobe combining for 84 points, implying his contribution to the win was meaningless. Brown made a good point about the fact you can never please people entirely. He scored only three points because he and the rest of the team wanted to get Kobe involved as much as possible. That is the sacrifice you have to make sometimes in a team sport, especially if your teammate was scorching hot like Kobe was that game.

Yeah, me and Kobe dropped 82 points combined, and we won. You little punks never sacrificed anything. Let me get this straight. Everybody loved Kobe Bryant and wanted to see him score and wanted to see him shot. So he scored, and people around him didn’t get that many shots for him to score, and you are mad. Isn’t that what you wanted? Are you not entertained? He had 81 f***ing points. Did you see the screens I was setting? What is wrong with you? Are you not entertained?

Kwame Brown