Kwame Brown on the rumors Michael Jordan made him cry: ‘The media nowadays will sell gossip’

Kwame Brown on the rumors Michael Jordan made him cry: ‘The media nowadays will sell gossip’

Kwame Brown has decided to make his voice heard in the last few days, using the power of social media to finally address all the negative criticism he received in the past decade. In the last few videos, he posted Kwame went after several former NBA players, analysts, and other celebrities wanting to address all the negative reputation about him they helped to establish.

One of the things Kwame addressed was his relationship with Michael Jordan and the rumors circulating how Jordan made him cry one time. Getting drafted to the Washington Wizards as a teenager and a first pick isn’t easy, especially when you have Michael Jordan as your teammate, still hungry for success and demanding a lot from others.

Kwame interestingly pointed out the false narrative perpetuated by the media throughout the years, with a lot of what was said not being factual about him and his tenure in the NBA. He openly admits he had his fair share of arguments with Jordan, but if you are a competitor, that is normal, especially with Jordan, one of the most demanding athletes and a fierce leader.

No player is going to experience their idol talking to them in any kind of way. Michael never brought me to tears. Did he upset me a lot? Yeah, I mean, he is a competitor. Much of it has nothing to do with nothing. People want to make up stories about Michael Jordan, and he could’ve been the greatest guy to me; they would still make up something. The media nowadays will sell gossip, and it’s sad it got to this point. Where are the X’s and O’s, where are the numbers? Everybody says I can’t play, but no one has my numbers when I do play, and there is no outlet that I look at now that is not about this guy against this guy. This guy is talking that loud, but this guy is talking louder; where are the numbers.

Kwame Brown, via Sports Illustrated

Playing alongside Michael Jordan is pressure like no other, and as a teenager, Kwame had a difficult time adjusting to the new situation in his life. However, many of the things Kwame said make a lot of sense, especially when it comes to rumors that get spread quickly and can ruin someone’s reputation even though they are not real. Kwame probably experienced that type of treatment most than many other players in the NBA, but it’s good we can finally hear his side of the story.