Kwame Brown calls out the mainstream media for bashing players and ruining their reputation

Kwame Brown calls out the mainstream media for bashing players and ruining their reputation

There aren’t many people in the public spotlight that Kwame Brown likes, which isn’t surprising considering the amount of content he published calling them all out. Kwame specifically doesn’t like the mainstream media because of the disrespect they had for him throughout the last two decades. It all started when he entered the NBA as the first pick and continued throughout his 13-year-long career as an NBA player.

He recently made an appearance on the BasketballNews podcast, where he talked about the false narrative that was pushed not just against him but other players as well. Once the media bashes your reputation by continually publishing negative stories, it’s hard to get that respect back which Kwame learned best on his own skin. That is why Kwame thinks the primary purpose of most sports media is to bash players because that gets them the most viewership.

Right now, it’s all about gossip and bashing players. It’s all about clickbait and clout chasing. The most users you get is when you disrespect a grown man and then see how he reacts to it. They need to bring back rules like they have in Seattle so we can agree to mutual combat, and then we can see what’s funny.

Kwame Brown, via BasketballNews

There is a lot of truth in what Kwame is saying, and we’ve seen the mainstream media do it all the time. Managing narrative is a significant part of their strategy to attract viewership. If they hurt some people along the way, it doesn’t matter because gossip and negative news sell the best. There should be more accountability in the whole process, but unfortunately, that is a more challenging task than it seems. The good thing is that with the power of social media, players can create their own platforms and following and share their side of the story, just like Kwame did, which led to a change in narrative and the people’s perspective of him as a player and a person.