Kwame Brown & Draymond Green

Kwame Brown calls out people who don’t appreciate Draymond Green’s impact on the Warriors

Kwame Brown is a big fan of Draymond Green and everything he does for the Golden State Warriors. He even went that far as to call out everyone who unjustly criticizes his game and tries to minimize his impact on that team.

Kwame calls out people that dissrespect Green

Draymond Green is one of those players that you can’t simply look at the stat sheet and figure out what type of impact he has on the squad he plays for, in this case, the Golden State Warriors. Ever since Draymond came into the NBA back in 2012, he never produced numbers that will make you say wow, but his versatility is on the next level, and he showcased he could score, rebound, assist and play defense. Despite all his personal and success with the Warriors, Draymond often gets criticized by fans who believe the Warriors would be equally successful without him.

Former NBA player Kwame Brown went to his social media to share his respect for Draymond and everything he brings to the table for the Warriors. Many of those subtle things he does are not seen in the stats after the game, but if you carefully watched the Warriors throughout those years, you understand how essential he was for their success.

Kwame blasted the casual fans that never played basketball, saying they don’t understand why Draymond is a superstar on that team and has been for years now. His passing is one of his most underrated abilities, and when you surround him with shooters, that is when good things will happen, which we’ve seen numerous times when he was setting hard screens to get them open or simply directing a pass at the right place in the right time.

‘Draymond Green doesn’t have numbers that jump off the page, which I hate that they start making basketball only about numbers because they are a totally different team without Draymond Green. He brings energy, passion, and only people that play basketball can understand what Draymond Green is. That is why so many of these analysts can only say he averages 6 and 6 or 7 and 8, and those are not superstar numbers. Draymond Green is a superstar on that team; what he means for that team and how he can go get that ball and move it around and get it in the right spots for the shooters, that is what you need.’

He knew the Warriors have a bright future ahead of them

At the end of his career, Kwame got the opportunity to play for the Warriors and was able to see up close Steph and Klay as they were slowly but surely evolving into the players they are right now. He immediately saw this duo had a lot of potential because of all the hard work they were putting in to master their craft. Curry struggled with ankle injuries early on in his career; however, he soon became the player we know now when he overcame those problems.

‘He’s been doing it for years, and they have another big center that is out that is going to come back. You got Klay, and I was in Golden State, and I was able to see the work ethic of Klay and Steph. He had ankle injuries when I was there, but you could see the potential; you could see the work ethic. He was out there just working.’

Once again in this season, Draymond’s role hasn’t changed at all, and he is pretty much playing on the same level as he did in the last couple of years. He is currently averaging 8.4 points, to go alongside 8 rebounds and 7 assists per game. Those are not impactful numbers, but they don’t have to be because he does other things so well on the floor. He is a great defender capable of covering multiple positions at once. He is an underrated help defender as well, but the essential aspect of his game is his passion and a high basketball IQ.

The Warriors are currently looking like the best candidate to win the championship, demolishing every team they played against so far. Just like in the last 5,6 years when they became the best team in the NBA, a big part of that success belongs to Draymond Green, who is alongside Steph Curry, their leader, and the ultimate teammate every team would love to have on their roster.