Kurt Rambis “We ask LeBron and AD about everybody.”

Kurt Rambis “We ask LeBron and AD about everybody.”

When a team signs LeBron James, they automatically know what they’re getting into – a few trips to the Finals and active involvement in team matters both on and off the court. Jokingly called Le-GM, James prefers to use his extensive knowledge of the game to not only control the pace on the court but to help shed light on who might be best suited to play alongside arguably the greatest player of all time.

Many will say that LeBron’s approach is to the detriment of his teams. Still, with championships in each of the franchises he has played for, one can no longer argue that James’ personnel management has played some part in his success throughout the years. 

While many scoff at the idea of James having a role in roster decisions, the Los Angeles Lakers‘ front office seems to relish the opportunity to work with James and AD on such decisions. They believe that it only brings them closer to their collective goal of winning another championship for the purple and gold.

“It’s critically important. We ask LeBron and AD about everybody we put on the ball club. It would be foolish of us not to involve them. Now we can’t always do everything they want, but every single player on the team, we have run by them and asked.”

Kurt Rambis, CLNS

It’s great to see Rambis speak out in support of the input that LeBron James and fellow star Anthony Davis provide. While James’ involvement comes as no surprise, it is nice to see Davis’s opinion considered when the Lakers plot out possible personnel moves. Before arriving in Los Angeles, Davis was not known to be a vocal leader, and there is little to no information of him working with Dell Demps and the New Orleans Pelicans on front office matters. It is clear now that Davis has picked up a thing or two on leadership from LeBron James and realizes his potential in this space. AD is a generational talent, but his health and leadership are things that he will need to work on to get to the next level, and it appears he understands this as well.

With the Lakers’ moves this offseason drawing more ridicule than praise, Lakers fans must find comfort in the fact that their star duo virtually signed off on acquiring several veterans and the trade for Russell Westbrook. Despite adding some big names, fans and media are unsure if the Lakers’ moves put them in a better position to win next year’s title, citing a lack of complementary pieces to the playing styles of James and Davis.

Well, who are we to say that we know more about who Bron and AD will fit with on the court? Perhaps the numbers don’t make sense, but chemistry and connectivity are underrated qualities in championship basketball teams, so AD and Bron might know something that we don’t. I can see them laughing at home listening to media pundits laugh about how Westbrook can’t shoot the ball or Carmelo Anthony being too old. However, James and Davis know what it takes to win a chip, so I can’t wait to see Lakers’ plans come to fruition.