Kobe’s fund is valuated at $2 billion and he is “open to owning a sports franchise”

Kobe’s fund is valuated at $2 billion and he is “open to owning a sports franchise”

Kobe’s been retired for three years and already has the most illustrious post-basketball career of any NBA player ever. In those three years, Kobe won an Academy Award for “Dear Basketball,” published two books in the Wizenard Series, his company Kobe Inc. has Coca-Cola Inc. as the minority owner, and his venture capital firm Bryant-Stibel started in 2016 with $100 million funding and is currently valuated at about $2 billion.

That venture capital firm was the reason for Kobe and his partner Jeff Stibel to appear on CNBC and talk about their success and future vision of the fund. Kobe pointed out his name wasn’t publicized in the beginning because they wanted to have some results that can’t be commented with “they got it purely on Kobe’s name.” The company invested in Dell Technologies, Alibaba, Flixbus, and many other successful companies. So what’s next?

The obvious question was – are they interested in buying a team? We see how NBA teams valuations go up. Jerry Jones, the owner of the Dallas Cowboys, said he believes the future of streaming in getting live sports on Amazon or Netflix and that such a development would increase the valuation of the Cowboys for 50%. Here’s how Kobe responded to that question.

There’s only one answer that could get Kobe in “hot water.” Working in the venture capital world and having such a successful firm gives Kobe an amazing position to be a serious bidder if any team comes on the market, or if the NBA decides to expand to 32 teams.

Imagine an NBA in 10 years where MJ owns the Hornets, LeBron the Cavs and Kobe the Lakers. May not be as farfetched as you think.