Kobe shouldn’t be talking about loyalty

Kobe shouldn’t be talking about loyalty

Newsflash, Kobe is hyper-competitive. Even though he is not playing for the Lakers, he is very involved with the team. Jeannie Buss values his opinion and his former agent Rob Pelinka is not heading the front office next to Magic Johnson. While we don’t have a very clear answer about how much influence Kobe has, we know his opinion counts. So it was no surprise when he attended the Lakers All-Acess event, where he shared a few thoughts on the reining Warriors.

Every time a team comes out of nowhere and has so much talent, there is talk of bandwagon fans. There is a certain expectation of loyalty and pain you go through when your team sucks that makes you a “true fan.” This was always a weird position to me. When a band you love makes a bad album, do you listen to it every day because that’s what “true fans” do? Hell no.

But, sports has more to identity and a sense of belonging. In a country where a lot of people grow up in one state, go to college in another and then live who knows where this is how you establish a sense of roots. Part of it is just basic life rules. You don’t quit when it gets hard. That’s not American!

The only thing is, Kobe doesn’t get to say this. He did approve to be traded to Chicago and Detroit in 2007. Kobe talked about this on Grantland’s Basketball Hour (R.I.P. Grantland).

I’m not saying Kobe was un-American in 2007, but he did want to leave the Lakers. If I’m not mistaken he also told the leadership, it was either him or Shaq at one point in his career. Doesn’t sound like the most loyal guy in the world. It was his prerogative to prioritize personal success, but maybe not preach about loyalty with such a track record is all I’m saying. A joke about he naming himself a snake would be too on the nose, right?

When it comes to the Warriors vs. Lakers, rumors of a trade for Anthony Davis have surfaced in recent days saying that December 15th when KCP can be traded there is a deal in place. Highly unlikely that AD will be traded in this stage of the season and the Celtics can outbid anything the Lakers offer. Now, if AD and his new agent Rich Paul make it clear he would only re-sign with the Lakers, that’s a different bag of chips.

If AD arrives in Los Angeles, whenever it may be, that would be a significant shift in power and a team with LeBron and Davis is an immediate contender. But even with such a team, I think the Warriors would have something to say in that discussion.