Kobe recalls beating Tracy McGrady one on one, McGrady disagrees

Kobe recalls beating Tracy McGrady one on one, McGrady disagrees

There was a handful of amazing scorers trough NBA history, but some of the best were Kobe Bryant and Tracy McGrady. With their competitive nature, especially Kobe’s, a one on one battle between the two would have been a tight contest, or would it?

Lakers legend and future Hall of Famer Kobe Bryant and NBA Hall of Famer Tracy McGrady sat down with ESPN’s Rachel Nichols in a fascinating interview.

During the interview, the two recalled a particular workout they had together in Germany. They went into a humorous back and forth, as they discussed an apparent one on one game and had different sides of the story.

Tracy claimed Kobe didn’t beat him because they weren’t keeping score, and it was just a workout drill with post moves. On the other hand, Kobe knew the exact score to this day and claimed they were playing one on one. “11-3,” said Kobe.

Tracy doubled down on his statement, as he said it wasn’t 11-3. Kobe claimed he always keeps score, and if there is anything he still remembers, it’s the scores of his games. Kobe still gave Tracy his props, as he called him the toughest player he ever had to guard in his book, claiming he could do everything he did on the court, all while being taller.

They were both showing they still have that competitive edge from their playing days. It is just a shame that there is no video footage to back down this discussion, as it would have been amazing to see these two legends go at it.