Kobe is apparently recruiting Kyrie to the Lakers

Kobe is apparently recruiting Kyrie to the Lakers

It seems like the Los Angeles Lakers have a bit of a helping hand in their recruitment process for this offseason, as their legend Kobe Bryant has been involved.

It is not specifically known if Kobe is talking with some of the top free agents or which ones, but it seems Kyrie Irving is on that list.

During the last episode of the “Stephen A. Smith Show” on ESPN, the famous analyst stated that Kobe has been talking to Kyrie about joining the Lakers this summer:

“Kobe’s been talking to Kyrie. Obviously, you know Kyrie and Kobe are very close. Kobe’s been talking to Kyrie. We don’t know whether or not Kyrie was considering the Lakers, although I’ve been told by folks close to Kyrie ain’t no way in hell he’s going to the Lakers to join LeBron. But I’m being told don’t rule that out [now].”

Bryant and Irving have been good friends, since the days they were playing against each other, and they were often showing huge respect for each other, so it is not clear if they are just keeping contact to catch up or is there business involved.

After Boston’s disappointing season, Irving is most probably going to opt out of the reaming year on his contract and test free agency.  There is a lot of talk were could he land, from New York to LA or even Brooklyn.

Bleacher Report reporter Ric Bucher commented on the situation of Kobe recruiting and which teams are in the hunt for Kyrie on “The Herd.”

“The latest that I’ve heard is that it’s between Brooklyn and the Lakers. And I’ve heard that the Lakers, and Kobe Bryant – now Kobe told me, or indicated to me, that he was not involved, that he was ‘hey, that’s their deal, I’m not part of it,’ – but I was told in the last 24 hours, Kobe has been busy recruiting Kyrie to try to get him to the Lakers.”

It seems there is a tough decision in front of Kyrie, but having “The Mamba’s” advice and lure next to him, it could be crucial in landing him.