Kobe Bryant’s hilarious reaction to Julius Randle asking for a shot during his final game

Kobe Bryant’s hilarious reaction to Julius Randle asking for a shot during his final game

There have been many memorable final games from NBA legends, but the most special and remarkable was Kobe Bryant‘s as he absolutely went out in style, dropping a whopping 60 points and leading his Lakers to a comeback win against the Jazz. It was a sight to see, as every fan that watched that game will never forget it.

When you check out the box score of that game, you can see some wild numbers. Kobe took a lot of shots from the floor, 50 to be exact, as he made 22 of them, achieving a decent enough percentage, especially for such a quantity of shots. The whole team shot the ball 85 times, meaning Kobe was basically chucking them every time down the floor.

It was always a mystery if the Lakers game planned to pass Kobe the ball every offensive possession or did it just happen naturally. But that was until his former teammate Julius Randle talked about that game on JJ Redick’s podcast The Old Man and the Three, on how the game was going and shared a hilarious interaction between the two during the game:

“He didn’t have to say it. We were talking between us as players: Yo, he’s taking every shot,  like we knew that. We passing him the ball every time. It started off rough…first 15 shots, he made 2. So we were worried. But man, he flipped that switch, bro, and it was like one of the few times all season I’ve seen the real “Black Mamba” come out.”

He inbounded it to me, and I was like, I’m shooting this time whatever. And he was like: Yo MF, you want everybody in this arena to boo you? Go ahead, but you better throw that damn ball!”

Julius Randle via The Old Man and the Three

A hilarious exchange between the vet and young player, as you can definitely imagine Kobe saying something like that. That night was about him, as everybody on that team knew they had to buy in and watch greatness unfold. A testament to that story is the fact Kobe finished the game with 60 points on 50 shots, while Randle had 2 points on 4 shots. He definitely wasn’t lying.