Kobe Bryant shares the importance of film study

Kobe Bryant shares the importance of film study

One of the main reasons behind Kobe Bryant’s success is a fact that he is a basketball nerd, someone who was able to combine incredible basketball IQ and pure talent. Apart from working really hard on his game on a daily basis, Kobe realized that there are other aspects to the game he needs to put more attention too. One of these aspects is studying the game, other opponents and the plays teams are running. Kobe Bryant is an avid fan of studying film who puts a lot of attention to details and that gave him competitive edge in comparison to other players in the league.

His passion for the film study, is also responsible why he won an Oscar with his cartoon but for the most part, Bryant studied his opponents and their habits on the court, so he can always find and exploit any weakness in their game. He started watching film when he was a young boy growing up in Italy where his father played professional basketball.

“Film Study is all about detail. From a young age-a very young age- I devoured film and watched everything I could get my hands on. It was always fun to me. Some people, after all, enjoy looking at a watch; others are happier figuring out how the watch works. It was always fun to watch, study, and ask the most important question: Why?”

Bryant’s attention to details is something that evolved as he got older, because it helped him visualize the game better and therefore gain more advantage against his opponents and other teams. It was all a play of chess for Kobe, as he mastered that craft into perfection over the course of his long career.

“The biggest element that changed over time, however, was I went from watching what was there to watching for what was missing and should have been there. I went from watching what happened to what could have and should have happened. Film study eventually became imagining alternatives, counters, options, in addition to the finite details of why some actions work and others don’t work.”