Kobe Bryant shares a story about calling Dirk Nowitzki during free agency: “I’m a lifer like you man, we don’t leave.”

Kobe Bryant shares a story about calling Dirk Nowitzki during free agency: “I’m a lifer like you man, we don’t leave.”

There is only a handful of superstars in NBA history that have stayed with the same team for their entire career. Often those players are celebrated and threated among fans and NBA experts as true legends of the game. Kobe Bryant and Dirk Nowitzki are among one of those players from recent NBA history that stayed with their teams ever since they came into the league as teenagers.

Both Kobe and Dirk racked up 20 seasons with Dallas Mavericks and Los Angeles Lakers and during that time they both shared a fair bit of success but also at some times seasons that ended too early. Nevertheless, they stayed with their teams in both good and the bad which is not something many teams or players choose to do these days.

There is a lot of discussions these days among NBA fans surrounding the fact that a lot of players are no longer sticking to their teams for longer periods of time and want instant success by joining an already established super team. However, it’s fair to say the management of the teams often doesn’t show proper respect for their star players and even decide to trade them away without their knowledge.

In a recent interview for ESPN’s show “Get Up”, Kobe Bryant waived in on the whole topic regarding players today and the guys like him and Dirk who decided to spend their entire careers with one team. Bryant believes this is actually a good thing, especially for the fans who are able to see a few super teams in the league at the moment. He did admit players today are different and their philosophy about the whole issue is not the same.

“I don’t think it diminishes it because everybody is doing it so you end up having a collection of teams that are competing against each other. You have all these superteams competing against each other. It makes for good competition, certainly compelling as a fan. But yeah you’re right it’s different. I remember calling Dirk back when he was a free agent. I said ‘Dirk, listen, I know you’re not leaving Dallas, I get it, but I gotta make the call, what do you think?’ He says ‘Yeah man you’re right, bro, I’m a lifer like you man, we don’t leave. So it’s just different philosophy. “