Kobe Bryant refused to get traded to the Detroit Pistons back in 2007

Kobe Bryant refused to get traded to the Detroit Pistons back in 2007

Kobe Bryant ended his career as one of the most recognizable Los Angeles Lakers players of all-time that did the unthinkable and stayed with one franchise for his entire career. In today’s NBA that type of loyalty is regarded as an almost impossible thing especially for 2 decades. Even though Bryant won numerous individual and team trophies with the Lakers there were times where his career with the team was in jeopardy and the future didn’t look bright for Bryant in a Lakers jersey.

That period Bryant’s discontent with the team was especially strong in 2007, after a couple of dissapointing seasons, Bryant requested a trade from the Lakers. There were numerous teams lined up to acquire Kobe, and one of them was none other than Detroit Pistons who were prepared to make a deal that involved Tayshaun Prince, Rip Hamilton, and a bunch of draft picks, however, Kobe refused this trade because Detroit Pistons weren’t on a list of his preferred destinations to get traded.

“I gave you a list of teams that I am comfortable to get traded too and Detroit wasn’t one of them so I said no.”

Kobe Bryant also said Chicago Bulls were at that time his number one destination he wished to get traded too, which could have changed the entire NBA landscape for good. The Bulls had a young core of players and there was a high probability we would have seen a dynamic duo of Kobe Bryant and Derrick Rose together in the same jersey.

“Chicago was my number one choice when it comes destination.”