Kobe and Nike dropped a new collaboration

Kobe and Nike dropped a new collaboration

I guess it’s Mamba Saturday at Basketball Network. Just as we published the story of Kobe being waterboarded by NAVY Seals, a new video dropped on Nike’s official YouTube channel. 

Kobe’s life after basketball has been eclectic – he won an Academy Award for “Dear Basketball.” Then he created a story that Wesley King turned into the first novel in a series that will be like Harry Potter but for basketball fans. We had a very interesting interview with Wesley about “The Wizenard Series – Training Camp” and learned a lot about Kobe’s vision of his life after basketball. 

A short animated film, a fantasy novel for kids – Kobe is obviously dedicated to using his love for basketball and his passion for excellence to inspire the generations to come to be the best who they can be. His Mamba League is the latest program that tries to contribute to that cause. 

Before we get into Kobe’s message, two things. Rich Paul is probably calling the little kid’s at 1:28 parents and offering them a contract. Kid can ball! Also, you gotta appreciate the comedy moment with the little kid and his glasses at 1:24.

Above all, we appreciate that Kobe is dedicating so much time to kids and that he has put an emphasis on including girls into his academy as well. As he mentioned himself, having four daughters has an impact. Not everyone was a Kobe fan during his basketball days, but he always had respect from all his peers. It sometimes felt like players ranked him higher than media and fans.

Let’s hope they follow his lead after their career is done as well. 

Photo courtesy of Nike.com