The time Shaq almost left the studio because of Ryan Hollins

The time Shaq almost left the studio because of Ryan Hollins

We often hear NBA analysts say ridiculous things on live TV. It’s sometimes hard to understand if they are trolling or are serious about discussing specific topics. The majority of them had several accounts when their stance was somewhat bizarre, even though they tried to back it up with some facts. One of the most memorable ones featured former NBA player Ryan Hollins who shared his thoughts on the Kobe vs. LeBron vs. Jordan debate.

A year ago, Hollins and Shaquille O’Neal made a guest appearance on ESPN’s show First Take, and Hollins started talking about how both the late great Kobe and Jordan together couldn’t fill LeBron shoes. His main argument was around LeBron James winning multiple championships with several teams, which in his mind is a more significant accomplishment.

Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan couldn’t fill LeBron’s shoes. The impact he has with different teammates, different organizations. This man has tripled and doubled Michael Jordan in assists, and assists make other players better.

Ryan Hollins, via First Take

After Hollins made his comment, Shaq completely lost his mind, and you could tell he was shocked by the nonsense coming from Hollins. Later on, they talked about whether the Golden State Warriors with KD would beat the 72/10 Bulls on which they once again had totally different views on the topic.

How did Dennis Rodman play defense?” Shaq: “He played like a man, one on one.” Scottie Pippen?: “Like a man, one on one.” Michael Jordan?: “Like a man. No help, no double, no switching.”

Shaquille O’Neal, via First Take

It’s hard to argue which team would win, and you could make a valid argument the Warriors would win. Still, the part about Kobe and Jordan not being in the same sentence as LeBron is a bit too much, no matter how great of a player LeBron is, which he proved again by winning his 4th championship.

Hollins’s remarks were recognized by the audience as well, and they even started a petition to get him removed from the show. It’s one thing making a valid argument about a specific topic, but it’s essential to know when you crossed the line, and that is something Hollins did in that particular show.