Kobe about LeBron and the Lakers: “Do not know where they stand”

Kobe about LeBron and the Lakers: “Do not know where they stand”

Kobe Bryant was interviewed by The Undefeated on the situation of his former franchise, the Los Angeles Lakers. The five-time NBA champion said he had no time to follow the team, as he has a lot of other projects.

The Lakers are currently ranked 10th in the Western Conference with a 30-31 record and are worried about the playoffs. Asked why that was so, Bryant replied, “I honestly can not answer that correctly because I have not seen what the hell is going on, I do not know where they are in the West or who is in front of them, I do not know that right now.”

Bryant will release a book on March 19 entitled “The Wizenard Series: Training Camp”, a project from his Granity Studios, co-written by Wesley King. He was fully occupied with this project and his work as coach of the basketball team of his daughters. “I have no time at all,” said the 40-year-old. However, Bryant still gave his perspective:

“When I get home, I sometimes see the second half, or at least the last quarter, my impression is that at the moment they just do not play good basketball, it feels like the injuries affected their rhythm. Now we have to see if they still have enough power for a playoff push.”

Bryant had not spoken to LeBron James since joining the Lakers, but he agrees with his statement: “What he’s saying is right, I do not know about which person in the Locker Room is he talking, but it’s the reality, you have to be obsessed with the game and understand that the Lakers are all about titles, nothing else, that’s the market, that’s what the LA brand stands for.”