Klay wanted to play injured

Klay wanted to play injured

It seems like his hamstring injury was ages ago. Klay Thompson pulled it at the end of Game 2, late in the 3rd quarter. He warmed up for Game 3, but the training staff pulled him from the game. 

He came back to the series and put up some major stats. Game 4 – 28 points, 60% for 3PT. Game 5 – 26 points, 53.8% for 3PT. Game 6 – 30pt, 66.7% for 3PT. With a recovering hamstring, he not only put up points but did it efficiently and in clutch moments. 

Unfortunately for Klay and the Warriors, we will never know how much he would score. Late 3rd quarter the Warriors were on a fast break, Klay got the ball, went for the dunk and came down hard. 

He wouldn’t even come back, but someone from the bench ran in the tunnel to tell him he can’t come back if he doesn’t shoot the free throws. If he doesn’t shoot the free throws, a player can only come back if a flagrant foul was called. 

Klay made both free throws (he went 10-10 from the charity stripe) and ran back to defense. Draymond started to arrange a zone defense to adjust for his limited mobility when Boogie fouled so he could be substituted. 

He went to the locker room, and Doris Burke reported he was jumping around to show his father and the training staff he can get back in the game. But after KD getting injured, there was no chance the Warriors would take any risks. 

The last shot of Klay Thompson was in his sweats, walking out of the locker room with crutches. We are yet to find out the severity of his injury, but if he needed crutches, we could assume it’s not minor. 

Another reminder players need to be protected from themselves and “toughing it out” is all too often just cheap machismo.

UPDATE: After the game, we found out that it was way worse than immediatley thought, given the fact that Klay went out there.

Rehab and getting into full shape means Klay would be back in February or March next year. Even if Golden State were to resign both of them, it would basically be Curry and Draymond (if he stays) for most of the season. For the first time in a long time, the Western Conference is open.